Carlos Pereira Creator of Livox – Wins Social Entrepreneur Award in Brazil (2016)


Carlos Pereira, the creator of Livox, was the winner of the 12th Edition of the Social Entrepreneur Award 2016.

The competition is the largest of its kind in Latin American, and is a partnership between Folha and the Schwab Foundation, a sister entity to the World Economic Forum.

Livox is an application that allows for communication by people with deficiencies or illnesses that affect speech and was developed by the social entrepreneur to enable him to communicate with his nine-year-old daughter Clara, who has cerebral palsy caused by a medical accident at birth.

“I do the work for my daughter and will continue doing my part to have an impact on even more people throughout the world. This award is for the real heroes, who are the people with deficiencies,” said Pereira, after receiving the trophy from the hands of Karen Demavivas, leader for the Schwab Foundation in the Americas.

Livox® is a product of AEC Ltda. AEC is a company in the Social Business segment, focused on the development of products, solutions, services and training that enables social inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities to their social life and family. Livox® arose from the need of a father (Carlos Edmar Pereira) and a mother (Aline Pereira) to communicate better with their daughter (Clara Pereira) physically handicapped. Carlos Pereira has a background in Computer Analysis and assembled a team of collaborators formed by technology professionals, speech therapists and occupational therapists to create of what would prove to be the first intelligent alternative communication software for tablets in the World.



SOURCES: Livox, Folha