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What is social cause marketing?

Discussions of Marketing Strategies and Working With Nonprofits Definition: Social cause marketing is the planning and implementation of sound marketing concepts and tools in commercial marketing programs in existing companies that are designed to influence individuals, modify behaviors that improve their well being, and bring about change in society. Learn how you can incorporate social cause marketing into your business plan Social

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How Private Enterprise is Helping Texas Recover from Hurricane Harvey

The Private Sector Is Coming to Texas’s Rescue In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the private sector in Texas and Louisiana is getting slammed with lots of criticism for price-gouging, being greedy, and focusing only on profits. But there’s a flip-side to that story that includes many counter-examples of private sector businesses and private voluntary organizations ignoring profits and demonstrating

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Carlos Pereira Creator of Livox – Wins Social Entrepreneur Award in Brazil (2016)

Carlos Pereira, the creator of Livox, was the winner of the 12th Edition of the Social Entrepreneur Award 2016. The competition is the largest of its kind in Latin American, and is a partnership between Folha and the Schwab Foundation, a sister entity to the World Economic Forum. Livox is an application that allows for communication by people with deficiencies

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Santa Clara University – Miller Center Supporting Social Entrepreneurs From Around the World

For six months, 14 social entrepreneurs in countries such as Egypt, India, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar and Rwanda have worked individually with Silicon Valley executive mentors to hone their social enterprise business plans. On Aug. 18, the participants in the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) Accelerator at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship made the next important step in their social enterprises’

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