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Is “Lean” the Secret to Startup Success? – Stanford eCorner

Is “Lean” the Secret to Startup Success? – Stanford eCorner So, if there were a step-by-step process that any aspiring entrepreneur could follow, would that be a good or bad thing? In the tech sector, some say such a formula is being taught: the lean-startup methodology, an approach to entrepreneurship that consists of clearly defined steps for discovering customers and

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Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Report – Why Heart of Texas Leads Startup Activity in USA

“At the Heart of Texas: Cities’ Industry Clusters Drive Growth” is a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. This report is a comprehensive look at the industry clusters, history and demographics shaping eight of the state’s key metropolitan areas: Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, McAllen, Midland-Odessa and San Antonio. For each city, the report’s authors

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