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Global Entrepreneurship Week – Themes and Activities for 2016 

During one week each November, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and policymakers celebrate entrepreneurship in more than 160 countries for Global Entrepreneurship Week, and in 2016, GEW will focus on several themes that highlight high-growth, high-impact disruptors, while encouraging new firms to start and scale. There are less than three months left until Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, where nearly 10 million people

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Milken Report – What Makes a City Thrive?

What factors distinguish cities that can withstand an economic downturn, or rebound afterward, from those that cannot? Are these factors unique to successful cities, or are there best practices that can be adopted in peer cities? Building on the Milken Institute’s Best-Performing Cities index, this paper examines what sets resilient cities apart. The economic performance of a city is driven

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