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Lessons From South Africa – Solving the Entrepreneurial Bottleneck in Developing Communities

Over the last few years we have seen how valuable Lean tools have become in the entrepreneurial development process. Eric Rees has provided us with an understanding relating to minimum viable product based on creating value rather than waste, Alexander Osterwalder has shown us the importance of visualising your business model and Ash Maurya has provided us with a process

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Enter the Funnel – Viewpoint of Incubators and Accelerators in South Africa

At the heart of pressure felt in Preferential Procurement is the demand for ‘Black’ owned Empowering Suppliers to provide goods and/or services, in very specific or specialised procurement categories, compared to those currently supplying such goods and/or services. This imbalance is not unique per sector, but is widespread across all business sectors in South Africa. To-date many ‘host organisations’ investing

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