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Venture Capitalists Investing in Premium Snacks and Drinks – Eater.com

Fancy Snacks Are Having a Moment. Venture Capital Wants In Artisan popcorn and vegan protein bars draw millions of dollars from hungry investors. According to a 2017 research note by Goldman Sachs and Conde Nast, smaller “mindful snack” brands are showing strong momentum, gaining share in 62 percent of the top 50 packaged food categories. A Boston Consulting Group report

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2016 Was An Excellent Year for Angel Investor Celebrating Exits – Angel Capital

2016 Was An Excellent Year for Angel Investor Celebrating Exits – Angel Capital For many ACA members, 2016 was a great year with the presents of portfolio company acquisitions not just for the holidays, but all year long. Join the celebration by seeing an incomplete list of 60 exits last year. Some organizations had multiple exits in 2016. FundersClub had

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Angel Capital Association – Three Recent Exits Were All Luis Villalobos Award Winners

The Angel Capital Association (ACA), the world’s leading professional association for angel investors, recently announced that three recent winners of the association’s Luis Villalobos Award, have achieved milestone exits, all within one month. Since 2010, ACA’s active 13,000+ member angel investors have nominated the most innovative of the thousands of startups they fund for this award. Competition is stiff and

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