Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success

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Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success Powerful Strategies for Building a High-Profit Business

Author: Robert W. Price, Executive Director, Global Entrepreneurship Institute
Publisher: AMACOM Books, American Management Association ISBN: 0-8144-7190-0

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As the pace of competition accelerates, seats-of-the-pants management becomes ever more dangerous. In order to survive entrepreneurs leading their ventures need a focused “path-to-profitability.”

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success will be the book entrepreneurs and their venture team will refer to time and time again on their journey to success. Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success will help the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed. Each step of the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle, from start-up phase to harvest, is succinctly detailed, providing you only the key steps that are vital to your success.

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success promotes entrepreneurship and provides the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed. – Mark G. Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)

Colorful stories bring the strategies and important business concepts to life, helping you internalize key learning points and quickly implement these key points into action. Roadmap provides the tools for an individual to start a business, grow a venture opportunity or manage the planning and implementation of new products within a large company.

It is a must read for anyone who stands to benefit and/or profit from the confluence of entrepreneurial activities including:

  • Entrepreneurial leaders of startups, fast growing ventures, and spinouts
  • Corporate executives in charge of leading new business development and new product innovation
  • Scientists and technology transfer specialists from academic and research institutions
  • Venture capitalists, investment bankers, and angel investors
  • Professional service providers from consulting, law, accounting, and financial firms


“I attended one of your seminars way back in the day while I was an undergrad. I got a signed copy of your book, read it a few times, and have been off to the races since. After a brief stint in management consulting, I founded, which has since received over $12M in two rounds of VC funding and is healthy and growing with 30 employees and offices in LA and NY! Thanks for igniting the spark.”
– Brandon Mills,

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success is a good checklist of checklists and advice for entrepreneurs.”
– Alfred R. Berkeley, III, Former President and Vice Chairman of The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success provides smart, practical and forward looking ideas for addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in today’s ever more complicated business environment.”
– Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Company

“This is an entrepreneurial MBA between two covers.”
– Warren Packard, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

“Success is always some combination of luck and skill. Roadmap helps minimize our reliance on luck and maximize the part that we can control. It is a must read for anyone venturing out on their own and a valuable refresher for those already there.”
– Diane C. Swonk, Former Chief Economist, Bank One Corp.

“As a venture capitalist, I listen to hundreds of pitches each year from entrepreneurs seeking advice or capital. Virtually all of them would be better prepared by following Roadmap.”
– Ken Deemer, Co-Founder, Tech Coast Angels

“Gives stunning insights into the venture world and entrepreneurial process.”
– Randy Lunn, Palomar Ventures

“One of the absolutely best business plan outlines I have seen to date. This tells you how to make that happen…I feel it is an absolutely necessary read. I give this book 5 stars. (Only the Bible and the Constitution receive 6 stars.)”
– Paul Tulenko, National Small Business Columnist

Roadmap is a practical, reality-based guide that carefully outlines the entrepreneurial life cycle from ‘opportunity recognition’ to market entry to selling the business.”
– Wells Fargo Bank, Small Business Advisor

“Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned veteran, anyone can benefit from Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success. Start to finish, this guide can teach you ways to maximize profitability in your business. Walks you through the steps to success.”
– National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

“Written in an amiable style, delivers concise reviews and examples of the entrepreneurial spirit in major companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart. Blends it all into a worthy discussion of how-to’s for entrepreneurs just starting out.”
– Harvard Business School

“Filled with key steps and strategies, it’s a start to finish guide to maximizing growth for new start-ups.”
– American Venture Magazine

“I would say the #1 benefit was that I used it to cross-check that my investor presentation hit all of the topics and major points within topics that you had called out. From that perspective, it was a very useful reference.”
– Jeff Hilbert President and CEO, WiSpry Inc. Jeff raised over $13.5 million from Blueprint Ventures, American River Ventures, Sid R. Bass Associates, Shepherd Ventures, and the Tech Coast Angels.

This is a great book to read for the real world examples of what it really takes to start and grow a successful business. Read it, learn it, use it.
– Russell P. Reeder

Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success is not a quick read for wanna-be entrepreneurs, nor is it a book of solutions and ideas for generating instant revenue. Rather, Robert W. Price does a remarkable job of combining research, case studies, expert insight, and action plans for ensuring today’s entrepreneurs begin and stay on a path to profitability. If your goal is to launch a high growth venture or capture more market share through Corporate innovation you will need to learn, digest and implement the contents of this book over the course of your start-up stages. The sooner the better.
– Daniel G. Salupo

From attending the #6 nationally ranked Entrepreneurship undergraduate program at Chapman University, I can easily say this book covers a significant amount material not learned in the classroom. The Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success is a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs and even seasoned entrepreneurs. The reading is easy to follow, has lots of detailed explanations and provides lots of content for all levels of entrepreneurs. I have studied under Robert W. Price and he really understands the fundamentals of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to get things done and give motivating guidance. Have a business idea and don’t know where to begin? Read this book and you will be well on your way.
– Thomas S. Mccann

Robert W. Price’s expansive knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in this book. It takes you from step 1 and guides you through the twists and turns to success. Having taken a class with Robert W. Price, I can truly say he gives you practical, hands on advice that you can start using from day 1 to launch your business. As an entrepreneur, I suggest to anyone considering starting a business to first read this book.
– Brandon Yanofsky

The title of this book, “Roadmap,” does a nice job in capturing what the reader interested in entrepreneurial ventures can expect to get by reading it. Like a city map, Roadmap describes the significant landmarks that are encountered in the entrepreneurial process and how to deal with them from a practical standpoint. I found the chapters on putting the right team together and the venture capital process to be most informative. For those interested in more detail or additional reading on one or more of the various topics covered, the book provdes ample references. I highly recommend Roadmap to anyone serious about starting a business, especially someone going out for the first time.
– T. Webster

This book was given to me by a VC, as a check list of what to do to raise money succesfully for our startup. He strongly advised me to keep it on my desk as a reference. He was right. I rewrote totally my “fast pitch”, executive summary, business plan, and powerpoint presentation after reading the book. I have raised $175,000 so far (in four weeks) from six investors and I am getting ready to meet the VC who gave me the book. Wish me luck!
– Olivier T.

As a Corporate Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur, I found the information discussed in this book to be extremely valuable for strengthening my career success. I also appreciated the insights into the VC world that were discussed. Further, I appreciated the additional references cited so that I can conduct more in-depth research on particular areas discussed throughout the book. This book is highly recommended, no matter what your “Entrepreneurial Type”.
– Barbara Shaw

I think that this book is and will be instrumental in the development of my business. I bought the book under the pretense that it would help me develop a plan of attack, to give me the seeds to grow from. If I had wanted a magic pill, I am sure the price would have been a little higher.
– Peter Doesburg

As a prolific reader of business, venture capital and entrepreneurial books, I would have to say that you will be hard pressed to find a better, more helpful book on the subject of building a business. Most books that one reads contain a few action items, or take aways that you can implement. Therefore, your average 250 page business book could have easily been boiled down to 25 pages had the editor done their job and eliminated the fluff commonly used to fatten most books. Not so with Roadmap! I was blown away with the succinct and actionable information contained within its pages. Every few pages I found myself putting the book down to jot down some ideas that I wanted to implement immediately. The insightful interviews in the book with some of the heavy hitters of the VC and Investment Banking world were worth the price of the book alone! I wish I would have had this book fifteen years ago when I was starting my first company.
– Derek Johnson