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Through our Global Entrepreneurship Program we facilitate introductions to investors, professional service providers, and other entrepreneurs. Using our exclusive “Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success” we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $100 million.

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Published Books: Entrepreneurship

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success: Powerful Strategies for Building a High-Profit Business

Author: Robert W. Price, Executive Director, Global Entrepreneurship Institute
Publisher: AMACOM Books, American Management Association ISBN: 0-8144-7190-0

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As the pace of competition accelerates, seats-of-the-pants management becomes ever more dangerous. In order to survive entrepreneurs leading their ventures need a focused “path-to-profitability.” Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success will be the book entrepreneurs and their venture team will refer to time and time again on their journey to success. Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success will help the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed. Each step of the Entrepreneurial Lifecycle, from start-up phase to harvest, is succinctly detailed, providing you only the key steps that are vital to your success.

It is a must read for anyone who stands to benefit and/or profit from the confluence of entrepreneurial activities including:

  • Entrepreneurial leaders of startups, fast growing ventures, and spinouts
  • Corporate executives in charge of leading new business development and new product innovation
  • Scientists and technology transfer specialists from academic and research institutions
  • Venture capitalists, investment bankers, and angel investors
  • Professional service providers from consulting, law, accounting, and financial firms

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success promotes entrepreneurship and provides the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed.”
– Mark G. Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)

Colorful stories bring the strategies and important business concepts to life, helping you internalize key learning points and quickly implement these key points into action. Roadmap provides the tools for an individual to start a business, grow a venture opportunity or manage the planning and implementation of new products within a large company.

Published Books: Entrepreneurship

Title: Entrepreneurship: Annual Editions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

This informative anthology of current newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, explores the entrepreneurial process from idea to harvest. Selections are culled from such sources as Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, and Harvard Business Review.
Entrepreneurship, 6th Edition, 2010: 0-07-352857-1
Entrepreneurship, 5th Edition, 2006: 0-07-352835-8
– Entrepreneurship, Instructor’s Manual, 2006: 0-07-3204544
Entrepreneurship, 4th Edition, 2002: 0-07-252911-3
– Entrepreneurship, Instructor’s Manual, 02/03: 0-07-252912-1
Entrepreneurship, 3rd Edition, 2001: 0-07-243363-9
– Entrepreneurship, Instructor’s Manual, 01/02: 0-07-243389-2
– Entrepreneurship, Instructor’s Manual, 00/01: 0-07-236510-2
Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition, 1999: 0-07-236509-9
Entrepreneurship, 1st Edition, 1998: 0-07-290474-7
– Entrepreneurship, 6th Edition available in digital version on Course Smart

Published Books: E-Business

Title: E-Business: Annual Editions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

This reader is a compilation of current newspaper, magazine and journal articles on issues dealing with e-business. Units include: understanding the e-business tidal wave; deciding on e-business models and strategies; integrating the value chain with Web technologies; creating marketing and branding strategies in the new economy; building communities and enhancing consumer experiences; going global through the Net; and the future of e-business.
– E-Business, Instructor’s Manual, 01/02: 0-07-243116-4
E-Business, 1st Edition, 2000: 0-07-243115-6

Published Books: Technology & Innovation Management

Title: Internet & Business: Annual Editions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

This reader is a compilation of current, carefully selected articles from Business Week. These selections provide effective and useful perspectives on today’s important topics concerning the Internet and business.
– Internet & Business, Instructor’s Manual: 0-07-239625-3
Internet & Business, 1st Edition, 2001: 0-07-243359-0

Online Learning

Title: PowerWeb
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

PowerWeb is a password-protected Web site that offers professors a turnkey solution for adding the Internet to a course. With over more than 125,00 subscribers, the PowerWeb site provides students with current articles from Annual Editions, curriculum-based materials, weekly updates with assessment, informative and timely world news, refereed Web links, research tools, student study tools, interactive exercises, and much more.
– Entrepreneurship, PowerWeb, 2003/2004: 0-07-252750-1
– E-Commerce, PowerWeb, 2003/2004: 0-07-250463-3
– Entrepreneurship, PowerWeb, 2002: 0-07-252750-1
– E-Commerce, PowerWeb, 2002: 0-07-242549-0
– E-Business, PowerWeb, 2000: 0-07-242549-0

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