GCASE Global Scholars Program

An exciting educational program created by the Global Entrepreneurship Institute exclusively for global entrepreneurs. The GCASE Global Scholars Program recognizes students who have excelled in their studies and have an ambition to develop a new business venture, or to help their local economy support entrepreneurship.

Our program honors students whose broad interests help them excel academically. We accept students whose majors and minors are from widely separated fields of study. For one year we support them to apply their learning to real-world entrepreneurial activities and related economic studies. Each year we select students from around the world to receive a scholarship for our exclusive Online Incubator Program.

“I attended one of your seminars way back in the day while I was an undergrad. I got a signed copy of your book, read it a few times, and have been off to the races since. After a brief stint in management consulting, I founded SocialVibe.com, which has since received over $12 million in two rounds of VC funding and is healthy and growing with 30 employees and offices in LA and NY! Thanks for igniting the spark” – Brandon Mills

Program Details

Entrepreneurs, fired by their dreams and passions, have been the engine for creating new jobs, generating revenue, advancing innovation, enhancing productivity, and improving business models and processes. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of the free enterprise system around the world. In fact more than 500 million adults around the globe are engaged in some form of entrepreneurial activity each year. A global entrepreneur systematically seeks out and conducts new and innovative business activities across national borders. These activities may consist of exporting, licensing, opening a new sales office, or acquiring another venture.

Our Mission
Educating and supporting global entrepreneurs using innovative online technologies and resources. Learn Local > Share Global

Our Objectives – Innovative Virtual Learning Environment

  • Online Learning, through structured Online Courses, Online Workshops and Seminars
  • Online Mentoring with “office hours” in Online Board Meetings and Online Presentations
  • Online Networking Forums, Member-only events, and partner-sponsored Online Events
  • Online Learning Center, resources, templates, spreadsheets, other important documents
  • Online Workspace where entrepreneurs and scholars from all parts of the world can collaborate online, share files and important documents in a private workspace

Certificate of Completion
Scholars who successfully complete the non-degree educational program will be eligible for a “Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship” from the Global Entrepreneurship Institute.

Our Name – GCASE
Global Community for Advancing Studies on Entrepreneurship

Our Vision
We believe it is possible to empower entrepreneurs with a roadmap and support that guides them through the transition from start-ups, to micro-enterprises, and on to small and medium-sized businesses that create jobs, lead innovation, and increase economic development in their local communities.

Our Unique Educational Services
We are connecting aspiring entrepreneurs around the world to valuable educational resources and support in an innovative virtual learning environment that bridges the gap between an entrepreneur’s dreams and action!

Problems Teaching Entrepreneurship Today – Need For Social Change

  • Many of today’s academic institutions are failing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. There are a large number of academic institutions “teaching” entrepreneurship. But once a student completes a class, or a workshop, there is little or no support, and no forms of continuing education. And the high costs at an academic institution leave far too many behind.
  • Schools and universities in many countries stick to outdated curricula, equipping students with skills that the private sector (real-world) can no longer utilize.
  • Academic institutions are focused too much on teaching theory rather than practical applications of ideas and concepts, and there is a lack of participation of business in higher education.
  • Young student-entrepreneurs find it difficult to start a business because they have never been exposed to the practical experience of developing new products, launching new ideas, maintaining financial records, or raising money from private investors and partners.
  • Academic institutions teach them about how things ought to work, but then students find that the reality is quite different and need additional help they can’t find at their academic institutions.

Opportunity – Creatively Teaching Entrepreneurship
Student-entrepreneurs are empowered by creative assignments, application of course materials to real-life experiences, and creative infusion of resources like guest lectures, travel courses, and videos. In the knowledge economy of the modern world, the old model of the instructor-led lecture in a “bricks and mortar” classroom will not be adequate for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. The opportunity for changing the status quo is here and now.

According to research by the World Bank, the competencies most valued in our global economy are: teamwork, problem-solving, and motivation for lifelong learning. But these skills and dispositions “cannot be acquired in a learning setting in which teachers dictate facts to learners who seek to learn them only in order to be able to repeat them.”

Unique Program Design – Learn Local > Share Global
The Silicon Valley Business Model is creating some of the most successful businesses in the world today. The master entrepreneurs behind these companies have helped inspire and transform an entire generation around the world. Our program brings the knowledge base and support from Silicon Valley to entrepreneurs and educators around the world via innovative Web-based technologies and educational services. Our program can provide millions of people around the world a chance to study business and entrepreneurship. We target people who can’t afford a traditional college education or who do not have the flexibility to enroll in a full calendar of coursework. We help recent graduates, and we can even help even dropouts, discouraged students, who have fallen behind and now have a second chance to catch up and learn how to be a productive and successful entrepreneur.

Our Solution – Cloud Collaboration Designed for the Global Entrepreneur
Our innovative program is valuable for entrepreneurs who don’t have the access to expensive educational programs and business advisors. Scholars have 24/7 online access to a private workspace where they can visit and work one-on-one with other Scholars and Mentors from all over the world. Scholars have access to structured educational content and lesson plans that focus on the most important business drivers to entrepreneurial success. They can attend and participate in live online courses, listen to special guest lectures. They can study from our Online Learning Center. They can review video recordings of previous lectures and live online events.


Our program recognizes students who have excelled in their studies and have an ambition to develop a new global business venture, or understand in detail how to help support entrepreneurial activities in their local countries. Our program honors students whose broad interests help them excel academically. We accept students whose majors and minors are from widely separated fields of study. We support them to apply their learning to real-world entrepreneurial activities. Each year we select students from around the world to receive a scholarship to our exclusive Online Incubator Program. Our program is open to every student on Earth between the ages of 18-35 at the time of application. Current students at academic, university-based educational programs are encouraged to apply. We will also accept applications from students who have been accepted to a university-based educational program, have not started attending classes, but will start classes within one year. We will also accept applications from students who have recently graduated from a university-based educational program within one year. The Scholar needs access to the Internet to ensure full participation.

Candidates should be interested in pursuing one of these careers: – working as the lead entrepreneur, co-founder of a new business venture – working at a start-up, new business venture; but not a co-founder – working at a financial services firm, venture capital firm, angel investor group, bank that finances entrepreneurial ventures – working with a professional service provider that sells to entrepreneurs; venture law, accounting, consulting, information technology – working with a governmental agency, economic development agency, non-governmental agency (NGO) that focuses on entrepreneurial development

The Official Language for the program is English
But Scholars can access the Online Incubator Program using English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

Activities and Deliverables

GCASE Global Scholars will be working in our exclusive Online Incubator Program researching and sharing ideas about entrepreneurial studies. The intense program will last for one year from the date of acceptance. Scholars will be attending online, live, interactive courses and online guest lectures from leading experts.

Scholars will be expected to prepare a white paper on one of the three broad themes of entrepreneurial capitalism:

  • financing entrepreneurial endeavors
  • managing ethics in new business venturing
  • economic development supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem

entrepreneurial capitalism: private capital, investing in private start-ups, with potential for a viable harvest

Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success

We are a non-profit that promotes the advancement of entrepreneurial education. Working as a global business incubator we facilitate introductions to investors, professional service providers, and other entrepreneurs. Using our exclusive “Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success” we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $100 million.

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success promotes entrepreneurship and provides the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed.”
Mark G. Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)

We are a non-profit educational organization and we take no equity. Our members receive educational resources and support to work on their start-ups for zero cost. Any new business ventures, any new products developed, or any other work product done through our Online Incubator Program belongs completely to the creators. We do not take ownership of any intellectual property created by our members, nor does our supporters. We are focused on the global good what good entrepreneurs can create. We encourage donations from the entrepreneurs we have helped, and we appreciate any additional community support. With this said, we are very selective with the entrepreneurs we choose.join-now-05