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How will you manage your venture team?

Discussions About Venture Team Management A business organization is composed of people and groups of people. It is goal-directed, meaning that it exists for a purpose, it has structured activities, and it is chartered or incorporated with the intention of profitably operating a business activity. It has an identifiable boundary, distinct from the environment, and a place in the ecosystem

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What are the challenges to managing a global business?

Developing organization and human resource strategies across multiple borders should not simply be a matter of adapting a domestic model to accommodate changes in distance and global scale. Starting with a global mindset you will have to develop a fresh perspective in order to take into consideration the unique challenges of doing business globally. Human Resource Management Issues There are

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How do we manage uncertainty and entrepreneurship?

Discussions About Finding Opportunities In the Future Recall from our previous discussion, that entrepreneurship, risk, and uncertainty are long-time bedfellows and how they push the entrepreneur to the limit. Some influential business thinkers, most notably Geoffrey Moore, seem to suggest that disruptive technologies and the environment of uncertainty that follows favors entrepreneurial activity. When disruptive technologies force changes in common product

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What are marketing and sales objectives for entrepreneurs?

The first objective of any business venture is to figure out how to gain paying customers. A great product without customers is not a business, though it may be a little more than a science project. Marketing involves increasing customer awareness, delivering a well-thought-out message about your product or service, and identifying customer prospects. Sales involves various efforts to convince

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