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Why Would an Entrepreneur Want to Become a Multinational?

Guest Contributor: Silvio Contessi Let’s be clear about what we mean by a multinational. This is a firm that extends beyond the borders of an individual nation and operates with affiliates and branches in at least two countries. A multinational organizes phases for producing goods and services to sell in different countries. For example, many car companies have mastered the

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EY Launches New Program To Support High-Growth Potential Global Entrepreneurs

EY has launched Accelerating Entrepreneurs, a program to give six high-potential entrepreneurs from around the world support to scale up their business. Winners will receive expert one-to-one guidance, networking and insight sharing opportunities at EY’s World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ event in Monte Carlo, between 3-7 June 2015. Previously called Ready, Set, Grow, this year’s program has been renamed and

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How Michelin Earns Word of Mouth Influence in Social Media

The automotive industry has some of the most passionate talkers. Experts, enthusiasts, celebrities, car guys, and just people looking for answers to their car questions come to the same place: online forums. For brands like Michelin, that’s fantastic for market research, understanding their customers, and hearing what people have to say. But according to Michelin’s Digital Consumer Experience Manager, Carrie

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Global Entrepreneurship Program – Discussions of Going Global

FREE GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM Do you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a business? We have the world’s first online global entrepreneurship program. Now it’s simple and easy to take online courses created and led by renowned experts in the field of entrepreneurship. DISCUSSIONS OF GOING GLOBAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES: – We define global mindset and global entrepreneurship –

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Why do entrepreneurs need a growth strategy?

Growth is the very essence of entrepreneurship. Growth is the only vehicle that will deliver returns to your investors. And as we discuss in a previous Article, uncertainty and risk are a vicious cycle in high growth-potential ventures. Uncertainty and risk increase because the number of elements in the venture increases, the differences among those elements increase, and the interdependencies among those

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