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University of Alabama Receives Grant To Research Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

The University of Alabama was awarded a $100,000 grant to support research to understand the factors leading to the successes and failures of businesses that went public in 1996, the largest initial public stock offering class on record. The grant will fund research surrounding the “IPO Class of 1996” over the last 20 years and will be conducted by Dr.

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HBS Case – How Uber, Airbnb, and Etsy Attracted Their First 1,000 Customers

Thales S. Teixeira is Lumry Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. In this HBS Case Study, he discusses three of the most successful “platform” startups to understand the chicken-and-egg challenge of how companies can attract their first customers. New businesses often struggle finding their first customers. The challenge is even more difficult with startups in the sharing

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US Department of Commerce Market Reports For Exporters

The International Trade Administration (ITA) Top Markets Series is meant to help exporters determine their next export market by comparing opportunities across borders. The reports provide updated country rankings and analysis reflecting the latest industry, trade policy, and global economic developments. This year, the series includes seven new reports for industries including franchising, manufacturing technology, and pharmaceuticals. Each report ranks

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Cruise Automation – Billion Dollar Success Story Launched On AngelList

General Motors (GM) announced on (03-11-16) it would buy Cruise Automation, a San Francisco-based startup making sensors that turn regular vehicles into ones that can drive themselves. GM hasn’t disclosed the purchase price, but the deal has been reported to be worth more than $1 billion in cash and stock. Cruise Automation is a self-driving car company that develops an

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