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How Entrepreneurs and Low Taxes Create Economic Growth

Entrepreneurs + Risk Capital + Low Taxes = Economic Growth For nearly every entrepreneur, access to private equity capital, or risk capital, is a key ingredient to successful business growth. For a business to grow it needs to be nurtured in an environment that supports entrepreneurial capitalism. “Capital is like oil; it’s stored energy. It’s the fruits of someone else’s

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Lessons From South Africa – Solving the Entrepreneurial Bottleneck in Developing Communities

Over the last few years we have seen how valuable Lean tools have become in the entrepreneurial development process. Eric Rees has provided us with an understanding relating to minimum viable product based on creating value rather than waste, Alexander Osterwalder has shown us the importance of visualising your business model and Ash Maurya has provided us with a process

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HBS Working Paper – Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Immigrant entrepreneurship is a topic of key policy interest but one with few facts. The authors construct a data platform using US Census Bureau administrative data to provide new statistics on the patterns of business formation by immigrant entrepreneurs and on the medium-term success of those businesses. Immigrants account for around a quarter of US entrepreneurs, and this share has

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Walmart’s Open Call For Entrepreneurs – Bo Jackson Pitches To Get His Products in the Stores

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, sells as many as 142,000 different items in its largest Super-Center stores. Walmart has what’s known as their “Open Call” day where the company puts out an invitation to any and all vendors, in this case those who sell “Made in the USA” products, to come to Bentonville one day in June. Some 1,200 vendors

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