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Tax Foundation Report – The Benefits of Cutting the Corporate Income Tax Rate

Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the U.S. had one of the highest statutory corporate income tax rates in the developed world at 35 percent. Now, the federal corporate income tax rate sits at a much more competitive 21 percent, which brings the combined average state and federal tax rate (25.7 percent) closer to the average for developed

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NFIB Report – US Small Business Ready To Grow in 2018

The historic small business tax cuts, including a new 20 percent deduction on earnings and immediate expensing of business investments, are giving small business owners long overdue tax relief. Businesses around the country are using their tax cut savings to raise wages, hire new employees, and expand. Six of the 10 components that make up the small-business optimism index increased

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Job Creators Network – Tax Reform Bill Helps Small Businesses

American small businesses are under attack by over-taxation, over-regulation, and lack of access to credit. According to a recent Job Creators Network nationwide poll of small business owners, the vast majority of respondents said the current tax and regulatory climates are preventing them from expanding and creating jobs To address these issues facing small businesses and finally bring them and

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How Occupational Licensing Hinders Low-Income Entrepreneurship

Occupational Licensing Is a Scam – Foundation for Economic Education Through occupational licensing, politicians get to impose “fees” in exchange for letting people practice their professions. And interest groups get to impose barriers that limit competition, a win-win situation, unless you are taxpayer or a consumer. Or a poor person who wants to get a job. “In the 1950s only

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