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Global Entrepreneurship Program – Creating Your Start Up Strategy

FREE GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM Do you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a business? We have the world’s first online global entrepreneurship program. Now it’s simple and easy to take online courses created and led by renowned experts in the field of entrepreneurship. CREATING YOUR START UP STRATEGY LEARNING OBJECTIVES: – We discuss how entrepreneurship has changed since

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Creating and Growing New Businesses – Ideas on Fostering Innovation

Prepared Testimony of Brink Lindsey, Kauffman Foundation Senior Scholar in Research and Policy Before the Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation, House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology As countries get richer, they become more heavily dependent on home-grown innovation; as opposed to simply expanding existing activities or borrowing good ideas from abroad to maintain their growth. And since new firms

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Why do we need a business plan?

Your Business Plan: The Roadmap That Guides You to Success Your business plan acts as a reflection of you, showing that you have really thought things through. It requires advance preparation, delegation, refinement, and, most importantly, a disciplined approach. Writing a business plan forces you into disciplined thinking if you do an intellectually honest job. An idea may sound great

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What is sales traction?

Discussions About Getting Sales Traction Today’s venture capitalists look to market and sales traction, or “referenceability,” as the single most important element before investing in a new business venture. Brooke Seawell, general partner of Palo Alto-based Technology Crossover Partners, which invests primarily in expansion and late-stage start-ups, says, “The most important thing is, can I go to four or five referenceable

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