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Stanford GSB – How to Split Equity Among Company Founders

Putting value on the roles of company partners can get personal. One of the toughest challenges for founders of a young company is deciding how to split the equity among the founders and early hires, says venture capitalist Peter Ziebelman. This is especially complex when cofounders are inexperienced or have a friendship as well as business partnership. Putting value on

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Thuuz Sports CEO and Former Venture Capitalist Warren Packard Describes His Launch

Many would-be entrepreneurs aim to bring the next great idea to the market, but those dreams rarely come to fruition without the know-how to navigate the entrepreneurial system. As a former venture capitalist, Warren Packard, now founder and CEO of Thuuz Sports, knows this firsthand. He and his startup team formulated a very intentional strategy to test their idea, acquire

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University of California Creates Prime UC Contest For Campus Start-Ups

Prime UC Invites UC Startups to Compete for Chance at $300,000 in Award Money Applications are due by September 25, 2015 Startup companies from the University of California are invited to compete for a total of $300,000 in award money during the first Prime UC competition, part of President Janet Napolitano’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. In what is hoped will

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