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What Do Entrepreneurs Need to Know About BitCoin?

The spectacular rise late last year in the price of Bitcoin, the dominant virtual currency, has attracted much public attention as well as scholarly interest. This policy report discusses how some features of Bitcoin, as designed and executed to date, have hampered its ability to perform the functions required of a fiat money––as a medium of exchange, unit of account,

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Why do entrepreneurs need a strategic vision?

Research has shown that successful entrepreneurs create visions of the future, which inspires others to get involved in the venture. As an entrepreneur leading a start-up it is important to have these discussions about “blueprinting your strategic architecture” today. Entrepreneurial success depends on the ability to think strategically, have a clear strategic vision, and achieve results quickly. Richard Siegelman, general

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Why is an exit strategy important for entrepreneurs?

Harvesting from Your Venture’s Value This Article supports our belief that having a harvest goal in mind and creating an exit strategy to achieve it are what separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest. Clearly, the main objective of professional entrepreneurs is to create economic value. It is unfortunate that little attention in the entrepreneurial world has been given to exiting a business

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Why is Pinterest Valued At $5 Billion with Zero Revenue?

Pinterest has just exceeded its own already sky high valuation, which already couldn’t be justified by any traditional financial valuation metrics like revenue multiples. A multiple of zero is still zero. Investors have simply just paid an even higher multiple of zero for a stake in Pinterest. But Pinterest’s $5 Billion valuation in its new funding round is rational and

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Why do entrepreneurs need a growth strategy?

Growth is the very essence of entrepreneurship. Growth is the only vehicle that will deliver returns to your investors. And as we discuss in a previous Article, uncertainty and risk are a vicious cycle in high growth-potential ventures. Uncertainty and risk increase because the number of elements in the venture increases, the differences among those elements increase, and the interdependencies among those

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