NVCA Policy Paper – Outlines Pro-Entrepreneurship Tax Agenda

Justin Field, NVCA’s vice president of government affairs, explains NVCA’s four tax reform proposals, which are aimed at encouraging the launch of new startups and preserving US economic competitiveness. “We have a long way to go, but with strong coordination among our members and allies, we have a real chance to make new company formation the priority it should be in tax policy,” he writes.

In this policy paper they also detail how the capital gains rate differential and carried interest capital gains are fundamental to the economic climate for risk-taking and patient capital investment. They explicitly warn policymakers that increasing taxes on entrepreneurial investment and activity would be a terrible miscalculation at a time facing global competition to build the next generation of companies. Further, they explain that these policies are important for not just our national competitiveness, but are absolutely critical to see the growth of new startup communities around the country.

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