Digital Globalization and the New Era of Global Flows – McKinsey Global Institute


Digital Globalization: The New Era of Global Flows – McKinsey Global Institute
Remarkably, digital flows, which were practically nonexistent just 15 years ago, now exert a larger impact on GDP growth than the centuries-old trade in goods, according to a new McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, Digital globalization: The new era of global flows. And although this shift makes it possible for companies to reach international markets with less capital-intensive business models, it poses new risks and policy challenges as well.

JBL Speakers Presidential Inaugurations and 70 Years of Doing Business – LA Times
JBL speakers will be used to swear in Donald Trump, just as they were at President Obama’s two inaugurations. JBL makes more than 3,000 other products that have been throwing sound at many of the world’s biggest musical, athletic, social and political events since 1946. For 70 years, JBL, named for founding engineer James B. Lansing, has survived ownership changes, recessions and vast shifts in personal technology. It’s won a Grammy, an Oscar and enough other awards, including dozens for technological achievement. In November, Samsung Electronics agreed to pay $8 billion for Harman International Industries Inc., JBL’s Connecticut-based parent company, to turbocharge its growth in the business of connecting things to the Internet, particularly cars.

Mexico Economy Expands in Third Quarter – Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Mexico’s economy grew at an annualized 4.0 percent pace in the third quarter, according to the second estimate released by Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (National Institute of Statistics and Geography). In addition, second-quarter growth was revised up to 0.2 percent annualized from the previous estimate of –0.7 percent. More recent data on employment and industrial production also improved, but exports and retail sales fell. Inflation ticked up in November to its highest level in two years, while the peso depreciated. The consensus 2017 gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast was revised down considerably to 1.6 percent.

What Globalization Isn’t – Cato Institute
Globalization is simply about the free movement of goods, capital, people, and ideas around the world and across borders. Globalization is not just about economic growth. It is about freedom; the freedom to travel, the freedom to buy and sell, the freedom to work, and the freedom to hire and fire. It treats every person not as a member of some tribe, but as an individual, with the same natural rights as every other person. And we are much better off because of it.

The American Brand: Why Responsible Businesses Win Abroad – U.S. Department of State
More and more U.S. companies around the world are proving that meeting the “double bottom line,” doing well by doing good, is smart business. When American firms invest abroad, they tend to invest for the long-term. They support communities where they operate. They hire local employees and are committed to treating them fairly. As a result, companies that have consistently upheld these standards have reaped the financial benefits of a sterling reputation. This is what the American brand is about: You don’t have to choose between profit and doing what’s right.

2016 U.S. IPO Market Review – Renaissance Capital
Renaissance Capital reported several record lows in their 2016 Annual Review of the U.S. IPO Market. A total of 105 IPOs were completed in 2016, raising $18.8 billion in proceeds, the lowest activity level since 2009 and the lowest proceeds level since 2003, respectively. The median deal size for 2016 IPOs was $95 million, which is attributed to the number of smaller biotech offerings in 2016. Only four IPOs raised more than $1 billion this year. Additionally, 2016 had the lowest number of IPO filings since 2009 with just 120 companies filing for an IPO, an almost 50% decrease from 2015.

New Cybersecurity Guidelines for Medical Devices – FDA
The Food and Drug Administration made public its advice to medical device manufacturers on how they should protect internet-connected devices from security breaches. The FDA does not have the power to enforce the guidelines.

Removing Images from Google Local Business Listings – Sucuri Security
As a business owner, the last thing you want is for a potential customer to search Google for your business and find a lewd image. The way your website appears to searchers is incredibly important to your brand reputation and trustworthiness. Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals constantly experiment with ways to satisfy Google’s secret and mysterious algorithm. While some professionals study SEO to improve their content and play nice with Google, SEO can be used maliciously.

Citizens Will Share Personal Data with Smart City Programs by 2019 – Gartner
Gartner predicts that by 2019, 50 percent of citizens in million-people cities will benefit from smart city programs by voluntarily sharing their personal data. The volume and diversity of the data generated by citizens will continue to grow in line with the proliferation of consumer devices and the Internet of Things.

Crime Spike in Mexico Forces Increased Security Spending – PanAm Post
Large companies including Bimbo, Walmart, Liverpool, Soriana and Palacio de Hierro were forced to increase their private protection budgets by up to 40 percent due to a crime spike in Mexico, according to the National Council for Private Security.

Are you the next big thing in medical devices? – Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Innovation in collaboration with Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) have launched the JLABS @ M2D2 QuickFire Challenge. The competition will award 1 year of paid residence at M2D2 in Lowell, MA, and access to mentorship and coaching from Johnson & Johnson experts.

Innovative Internet of Things Case Studies – Internet of Things Institute
Learn about eleven promising Internet of Things applications that are quietly shifting everything from wine cultivation to how utilities manage the power grid.

Important Legal Decision for Trademark Infringement – Fenwick & West
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently affirmed the Southern District of New York’s order on summary judgment that My Other Bag’s canvas tote bags do not dilute or infringe Louis Vuitton’s trademarks for its luxury handbags. Instead, the court ruled, the canvas tote bags are a parody and unlikely to mislead purchasers into thinking that Louis Vuitton sponsors or otherwise approves of the My Other Bag tote bags.

Webinar – How to Develop and Evaluate Patent Strategies of Early-Stage Companies – Angel Capital Association
Startups with patents are 84% more likely to be acquired, but only the most successful entrepreneurs fully grasp how essential IP is to their product strategy. Likewise, investors should understand a company’s IP position when evaluating a potential investment. IP protection considerations vary by industry, company stage, and business strategies. This webinar explores what startups and investors need to know about the various types of patents, the patent process, licensing,trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, NDAs, patent litigation, and practical strategies to help achieve successful outcomes. Our experts include Danielle Williams, Principal at leading IP firm Fish & Richardson and James Billmaier, CEO of Turbopatent.

Webinar – Cybersecurity Risks in Manufacturing Supply Chain – IndustryWeek/Deloitte
The digitalization of physical products through additive manufacturing (AM) opens the supply chain to entirely new threats: those of cybersecurity. The digitalization of physical products through AM, or 3D printing, has been widely hailed for its ability to revolutionize the supply chain and create new parts and products that were previously impossible through traditional means. However, AM’s reliance on digital files and connectivity can also open the process up to entirely new types of cyber threats, from product malfunctions to intellectual property theft and brand risk.

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