Honda And Google Talk About Self-Driving Technology

Honda And Google Talk About Self-Driving Technology
Google wants to develop the brains behind self-driving technology, and work with established automakers rather than build the cars.

Economic Conditions Snapshot December 2016 – McKinsey Global
In the face of political transitions and concerns over trade, executives expect improvements at home and a stable global economy, with some regional divergences.

Cybersecurity Is A Key Deal Component For Private Equity Investors – KMPG Report
The threats of security breaches involving personal and financial data are a constant concern to corporate America. The costs to a large corporation of addressing a major breach can reach $1 billion and include investigating the cause of the breach, fixing the breach, legal fees, customer reimbursement and damage control. Reputational damage can last for years and can substantially increase the long-term costs. Private equity investors need to focus on these issues both in a pre-deal and a post-deal context.

Online Shopping and E-Commerce – Pew Report
New technologies are impacting a wide range of Americans’ commercial behaviors, from the way they evaluate products and services to the way they pay for the things they buy

We Don’t Need No Stinking IoT! Or Do We?
When it comes to reaching the public, many companies making Internet of Things, IoT-enabled, products have missed a tremendous opportunity. There are a few, however, that stand out, says technology consultant Adam Gabriel.

Event – Aerospace & Defense Business
From small sat’s and drones to headline-making rocketry by the “big guys,” our Southern California Aerospace landscape has been revitalized. With major new players as well as established companies expanding development and manufacturing, a renewed vibrancy offers a turf for entrepreneurship at all levels, especially with the US Government pushing traditional primes and sub-primes to turn to new technologies and sourcing for defense and commercial applications. Our program will look at these changes and opportunities they are creating.

Webinar – The Gig Economy
In this complimentary Stanford Social Innovation Review webinar, The Bridgespan Group and The Rockefeller Foundation will highlight insights that emerged from their four-month exploration of independent work and provide a forum for practitioners and thought leaders to share their observations on recent developments and emerging innovations.

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