Atlas Launches Customizable “Map for The App World”

gcase-news-atlas-apps-01bbThe Atlas founders are building what they call, “Google Maps for mobile applications.” They quietly launched their public beta in September to positive international feedback from targeted groups across Los Angeles, Bangalore, Barcelona, and as far as Yaounde, Cameroon.

As a direct contrast to the broad, nationally curated top list system employed by Google Play and the Apple App Store, Atlas seeks to help mobile users discover apps more relevant to their everyday lives by curating apps based on individual interests and local relevance. The founders believe that their system provides a smarter, more personalized app search experience.

James Hopkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlas explains, “Apple’s explore function does not allow filtering by user interest. It is not useful to recommend a Starbucks app if the user doesn’t like Starbucks. Our system takes a more granular, targeted approach.”

Atlas Los Angeles:
Google Los Angeles:

Atlas Bangalore:
Google Bangalore:

When asked why James and his team created Atlas, he replied with the following: “We believe that the best apps should succeed regardless of their marketing budget. We want to help users find what apps are useful and popular around them – whether that includes local news apps, transportation apps, or educational apps, we believe that digital content should be centered around the individual and their community. Increasing the availability of locally relevant content enables underserved populations to access information and services previously unavailable.”

With smartphones quickly becoming the most rapidly adopted technology in human history, and with 90% of user time on smartphones spent within apps (according to a recent study conducted by Facebook), it will be interesting to see how their thesis of increased demand for local content will hold up in emerging markets. “What we have shown in our public beta is only the beginning. We are long-term focused and will continue to roll out innovative features beneficial to developers and mobile users alike,” added James.

With 2015 mobile app revenues of $41.1 billion in 2015, and projected industry revenues north of $100 billion by 2020 (TechCrunch) There is certainly a lot of growth still yet to be seen within the mobile app space. It will be interesting to see if Atlas may be able to shake things up with their unique insight into mobile markets.

Their platform is free to use for both developers and mobile users.