FitiFy – New Personal Training and Workout App

fitify-03awFitify is designed to connect trainers directly with users through a mobile application and Website portal. The personal training and workout marketplace entirely built on a social media platform with tools to connect trainers to users in real time.

Any trainer or athlete will be given the option to sign up for the service and will then market and sell themselves in an attempt to gain users and build their own user base.

Those trainers with certifications will be listed with a green check mark or other indicator and those who either coach or have participated in a professional capacity in sport will also have those credentials listed.

The users will know if their trainer is a self-taught trainer or a professional trainer. Using a social media focus, the trainers on the platform will be expected to work with their user base on either a group basis or individual basis to design workouts, provide tips or suggestions, or simply demonstrate proper workouts and techniques for their users.

Fitify is being designed from the start to cover most major sports as well as general fitness trainers to help people connect and find the information and training they need. Future updates and products will include automated workout tracking and other devices that will be able to track user workouts with more detail for the trainers to be able to do their job more accurately.

The initial version will include the trainer connection, user workout logging, and general fitness/sport news and information to help people get on track and stay on track with their fitness goals.

Join the fitness community, you are worthy of being fit!


Contact: Garrett Long