UN Global Entrepreneurs Council Visits Entrepreneurs in Jordan

The United Nations Foundation in collaboration with UNDP, United Nations Development Programme, organized the Entrepreneurs workshop for the Global Entrepreneurs Council as part of their educational tour in Jordan.

Entrepreneurs at varying stages of development were brought together with various actors from across the country to generate innovative ideas for strengthening the Jordanian entrepreneur eco-system, through discussing strategic and operational hurdles and brainstorm solutions. The discussion consisted of three pillars: future vision, current processes and new initiatives.

“Private-public partnership is the new leadership for countries’ development. We need governments progress to work with SMES, and opening up regional markets in the MENA region which in turn requires policy reform, to which the private sector should play a key role,” said the Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurs Council Mr. Ashish J. Thakkar during his participation in the Entrepreneurs workshop held in Amman.

UNDP, United Nations Development Programme promotes and supports economic empowerment through micro-entrepreneurship. One initiative called “Promoting Entrepreneurship Skills and Microbusinesses Establishment Project” supports micro entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive suite of services, including mentorship, training, accountancy and legal services, and financing.

Another UNDP Jordan initiative is “The Emergency Employment Project (3×6 approach)” which links emergency employment with self-employment. This project starts with short-term employment in community initiatives to generate rapid income; participants undergo a set of trainings to build their basic business skills, and expertise in establishing and running microbusiness which are later funded by UNDP Jordan.

Mr. James Mwangi, GEC member expressed his aspirations to implementing today’s solutions: “the dynamic mix of participants produced a number of practical ideas to unlock the boundaries of Jordanian entrepreneurs”.

Ms. Raida Saleh Al-Zu’bi, an independent consultant working on social entrepreneurship and women’s economic empowerment said: “this is a rare opportunity to gather all the key actors across Jordan to work on this great mission of creating entrepreneurship eco-system”.

Mr. Emile Cubeisy, Managing Partner of Silicon Badia: “am thrilled UNDP Jordan brought all elements of entrepreneurship eco-system are represented here today, the diverse group allows us to widen our horizon about what is really achievable for us in Jordan and present some tangible next steps to advance entrepreneurs’ chances in Jordan

On behalf of the Council members, the GEC chairperson Mr. Thakkar expressed gratitude to UNDP for the educational tour in Jordan, and said: “It has been very insightful to see on ground the level of innovation taking place in all UNDP’s initiatives and the mixture power of different parts of the country, not only they are talking about innovation, but doing it. Am extremely impressed with the level of innovation and collaboration that the UNDP is conducting here in Jordan”.

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