Mahnke Labs Introduces New Backpack with Solar Panel To Recharge Mobile Phone



The Omnipack, is an All-in-one Backpack, that contains front and tail lights, phone charger (USB output), and a solar panel to recharge the pack. With the Omnipack, there is no more hassle to carrying multiple cables to charge different devices.

The Omnipack is the start of a revolution for backpacks. A classic design mixed with leather, waterproof nylon, USB phone charger, lights, and a solar panel (because nobody wants another thing they have to plug in!). Oh, yeah, it’s only $79!

Founder and CEO Alex Mahnke, “The journey of becoming an entrepreneur goes way back, selling lemonade as a kid. Mahnke Labs is the New Lemonade Stand on the block, and we’re relentless. We are launching this pack not only to add convenience to the lives of daily commuters, but to break through into a whole new era of integrated technology. We plan to redefine the meaning of the word backpack as more than just a bag with shoulder straps.”

Mahnke Labs was founded in February of 2012. In early 2012, Alex made a prototype of the “Omnipack”, an all-in-one backpack that contains front lights, tail lights, phone charger (USB output), speakers and a port for an external solar panel. He purchased fabric and lights and off he went to Grandma’s to start the prototype for the Omni.

Over 2012 Alex had made several different potential products in addition to the Omnipack, but the Summer of 2013 is really when it started. The Omnipack went from a prototype to a reality. Alex hooked up with a manufacturer in Shenzhen, China to develop a production-ready version of the Omnipack. It took pretty much the entire summer, but by the end of August, he had obtained the pre-production Omnipack.

By the end of October, Alex had launched the Omnipack 1.0 on Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform, where anyone can “back” a project. His goal was $4.7K or about 30 backpacks. he hit the “big green button” and it launched. An hour later, he had a backer, then another one… and so on. In the first 24 hours Alex hit over $1K, in backers.

In one week, he hit his goal of $4.7K and when the project finished 1 month later, the amount pledged was just under $7.8K. One Year Later, Grant Wuerslin joined the crew as acting CFO, a couple months after Will Mooney joined as acting COO. The process for the Second Generation Omnipack Started June 2014.

Contact: Alex Mahnke