Plate My Meal From Israel Help Parents Encourage Their Children To Eat Well


All parents want their children to eat healthy and up to 90% of the parents testify they find it challenging.

An Israeli start-up Plate my Meal has an innovative, cheap, fun and easy-to-use solution for parents, children and families.

Plate my Meal launched its parent’s 3-step solution for encouraging children to eat healthy. A new habits building product to instill healthy eating habits to babies and young children.

Plate my Meal co-founder & CEO, Dror Tamir says that Plate my Meal is the perfect solution for parents because it helps them easily encourage their children to eat healthy. In the long term, preventative education is the easiest and cheapest way to fight obesity.

The first 1,000 days is when humans acquire their main eating habits; during breast feeding and from the moment we are starting to eat solid food. At this age parents have a major role in building healthy eating habits to their children.

Modern parents find it challenging: “We are too busy and don’t have the time”; “we just don’t know what healthy eating means”; “we’ll let the education system educate our children to eat healthy” are often the answers you hear.
These answers mean parents need assistance.

Plate my Meal team wants to support parents by providing a fun & simple-to-use solution to make healthy eating simple.

The ‘Plate my Meal’ 3-step solution:
1. WHEN to eat – 5 designated plates for 5 meals and snacks a day
2. WHAT to eat – Choose from a variety of foods and food groups suggested on each plate
3. HOW MUCH to eat – Portion control by compartment size

Plate my Meal is so simple to use even a 2-year old can take an active role in planning the next healthy meal and by this empower young children

Liat Zivan, Plate my Meal Co-Founder describe the idea, “Plate my Meal is about Eating right. Right from the start. Our simple to use 3-step solution turns family meals into a celebration of fun. Children fall in love with their plates, enjoy the empowerment of planning their meals and eat healthier.”

R&D was done in collaboration with leading professionals in USA and Israel, leading medical centers and reference of Ministries of Health. An academic research is being run to study the impact of Plate my Meal products on kids’ eating habits. Research was authorized by Israel’s Ministry of Health, being conducted in Meir Medical Center.

Plate my Meal products and concept have been endorsed by the Ministries of Health of Israel and Iran!

Additional social aspects of Plate my Meal activity:
• All products meet high standards of food contact, children products, authorized for use in microwave and dishwasher and BPA free.
• All products are recyclable.

Contact information:
Dror Tamir, CEO
Phone +972 52 8907856
Web site: