AllplusGT Launches App That Remotely Disables Cellphone Apps



Company develops app to control inappropriate cellphone use at work, at home and while driving.

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – AllplusGT announces the launch of, an innovative app that enables users to control inappropriate use of smartphones by either family members or employees.

“Our mission is to develop innovative apps for smartphone users,” says CEO Julio Montes. “We intend to create a market for smartphone owners and their insured dependents with a tool that will automatically shut off cellphone apps while driving. We hope to see this available at a regional, national and global level.”

ShutOffApp is a system for disabling cell phone applications that is invaluable for parents of young drivers and corporation drivers, reducing distraction and therefore decreasing the risk of an accident; the system is automatically activated whenever the vehicle is in motion. There is also an SOS system that links the dependent device to Google Maps and WAZE so that the control device can locate the dependent’s car and get immediate assistance. The dependent device can also be linked with beacons that can instantly disable apps at work, schools and Universities.

Unlike many competitors such as or, which are mainly parental control apps, ShutOffApp also allows employers and managers to block apps on employees’ cellphones and other mobile devices, making it a great tool for “improving productivity” in the workplace. The controller can choose to block one or several dependent devices, individually or collectively. It can also disable the use of laptops and Sony Android TV.

If parents feel that their children’s obsession with their phones is detrimental to family time, they can use the app to temporarily disable apps on their children’s phones. If teenagers – or employees – are captivated by Apps like Facebook or Pokemon Go, and playing it inappropriately at home, at work, or while driving, then ShutOffApp can put parents and employers back in control. Dependent devices can be easily set up using a unique temporary code; just a single tap will block apps without any disruption to calls.

AllplusGT values integrity with its customers and partners, respect for the environment, transparency and efficiency in resource management, and compliance with laws in all countries where it operates.

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Phone: 502-422-03553