Cognition Therapeutics Wins Prestigious Luis Villalobos Award (2016)

At the recent Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit, Dave Berkus presented this year’s Luis Villalobos Award for the most innovative ACA member portfolio company.

The annual Angel Capital Association Summit is the world’s premier professional development event for angel investors.

The winner, Cognition Therapeutics, is a pharmaceutical company that has invented a process that discovered a novel drug with the potential to reverse Alzheimer’s disease. This process revolutionizes drug discovery by rapidly accelerating discovery at ¼ the usual cost. Their lead drug, CT1812, is currently in clinical trials. CogRx also represents the growing trend of large scale syndicated funding rounds as their recent $12 million Series B included angels and angel groups throughout the US.

Luis Villalobos was a pioneer of angel investing. He died October 01, 2009 in Orange County, California. He was 72. In May 2010 the first, national Luis Villalobos Award, named after deceased Tech Coast Angels founder Luis Villalobos, was presented by the Angel Capital Association, to a startup based in Seattle. According to the ACA, it awarded Modumetal, a developer of nano-laminated materials used as a replacement for stainless steel, the Luis Villalobos Award as the “Most Innovative Idea” financed by one of its member angel investment groups. The award was established to honor Villalobos, who was among the most active angel investors in Southern California, and spearheaded the creation for the Tech Coast Angels.

Luis Villalobos founded the Tech Coast Angels, one of the largest and most respected angel organizations in the world, in 1997. Companies funded by Tech Coast Angels have raised more than $1 billion to date. He was a true “leading light” in the angel field, making 57 personal investments, educating numerous angels, and particularly in educating and mentoring entrepreneurs before he passed away. He was a sought-after expert and speaker about sophisticated angel investment. Luis appreciated ingenuity and entrepreneurial thinking in every aspect of life, and always looked to invest in and mentor the most innovative companies.

SOURCE: Angel Capital Association