EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award (2016)

The World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award program was created by EY to recognize the accomplishments of entrepreneurs around the globe. It builds on EY’s more than 29 years of success in running Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award programs in more than 60 countries around the world.

Each year, the Entrepreneur Of The Year country winners join together in Monaco to be inducted in to the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Hall of Fame and vie for the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year title.


Mohed Altrad, President of Altrad Group was awarded EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2015. Born as a nomadic Bedouin in Syria and forbidden from attending school, Mohed’s entrepreneurial story is truly inspiring. Altrad moved to France when he was 17 and earned a PhD in Computer Sciences. He and a partner bought a nearly bankrupt scaffolding maker in 1985 to form the basis of what is now Altrad Group. Today, his company employs 7,000 people in 110 subsidiaries globally. It is the world leader in cement mixers as well as a European leader in scaffolding and wheelbarrows.

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