NASA Tech Briefs – Create The Future Design Contest (2015)

The 13th annual “Create the Future” Design Contest is now open for submissions. Create an innovative, new product idea that benefits society and the economy for the opportunity to receive global recognition and win a cash prize of $20,000.


The Contest opens for entries on March 1, 2015 and closes July 1, 2015 (referred to herein as the Contest Live Period). Entries must be received by 11:59 pm ET on July 1, 2015.

The Create the Future Design Contest was launched in 2002 by the publishers of NASA Tech Briefs magazine to help stimulate and reward engineering innovation. The annual event has attracted more than 10,000 product design ideas from engineers, entrepreneurs, and students worldwide. The contest’s principal sponsors are COMSOL and Mouser Electronics with Analog Devices and Intel as supporting sponsors. Category sponsors include KAMAN, Imagineering Inc., and Maplesoft. The contest is produced by Tech Briefs Media Group.

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Choose one of seven categories for your entry:
Aerospace & Defense — Product innovations with applications in the aerospace, aviation, and/or defense markets.
Automotive/Transportation — Products that enable movement of people and goods from one place to another.
Consumer Products — Products that increase quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.
Electronics — Products that improve computing, communications, and other fields that rely on advances in electronic components, boards and systems.
Machinery/Automation/Robotics — Products that speed, improve, and/or automate work, manufacturing, and research & development (R&D).
Medical Products — Products that improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare.
Sustainable Technologies — Products that reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources, as well as products designed for other purposes using environmentally friendly materials or manufacturing processes.

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The best entries clearly and concisely answer all of the following questions and are accompanied by an illustration that complements and illuminates the text:

• What problem does your design idea solve?
• What are the potential benefits?
• How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
• Where would this idea be applied?
• What is the market potential?
• How does your design work?
• How would your product be manufactured?
• How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

The best design ideas will:

• Improve quality of life
• Automate tedious tasks
• Prevent or reduce injuries
• Improve public safety and security
• Save time and money
• Offer alternative energy solutions
• Reduce consumption of natural resources
• Lead to other product improvements

Tech Briefs Media Group
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