How Michelin Earns Word of Mouth Influence in Social Media

The automotive industry has some of the most passionate talkers. Experts, enthusiasts, celebrities, car guys, and just people looking for answers to their car questions come to the same place: online forums.

For brands like Michelin, that’s fantastic for market research, understanding their customers, and hearing what people have to say. But according to Michelin’s Digital Consumer Experience Manager, Carrie Woodward, there’s a problem.

“Forums are one place where people are looking for recommendations and talking about tires that, as a brand, we can’t just jump in and be credible by telling someone to buy our tires.”

That’s why her team developed a strategy for a program to find their influential fans, empower them as Michelin experts, and give them the resources to recommend them.

In her presentation at’s Member Meeting in New York, Carrie also talks about:

  • How to earn advocates through two-way communication
  • Why building relationships offline is important (even though it’s more expensive)
  • Your best candidate for brand ambassadors

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