AlwaysOn – Top 10 Internet Trends Creating the Biggest Business Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

Our friends at the AlwaysOn Network prepared a list of the top 10 Internet trends creating the biggest business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the next 5 years. This great information and more will be presented and debated at their AlwaysOn annual Silicon Valley Innovation Summit on July 29th and 30th at the Computer History in Mountain View.

AlwaysOn’s Silicon Valley Innovation Summit (#SVIS14) is a two day executive gathering where you’ll Meet the Captains of Innovation. This event highlights the significant economic, political and commercial trends affecting the global technology industries. SVIS features the most innovative companies, eminent technologists, influential investors and journalists in keynote presentations, panel debates and private company CEO showcases. SVIS’ goal is to identify the most promising entrepreneurial opportunities and investments in the global tech industry.

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