Rutgers Mini MBA Entrepreneurship Program Now Offers New Enrollment Options

Each participant in the accelerated course held Oct. 28-Nov. 1 is expected to create an actionable business plan and make a presentation to a mock investor panel as a final project

The Rutgers Center for Management Development (CMD) announced a new Entrepreneurship course in its Mini-MBA program, which will be held Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, 2013. The goal of the one-week accelerated course is to teach current and aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a new business or take their business to the next level. Each participant is expected to create an actionable business plan and make a presentation to a mock investor panel as a final project.

Jennie Fine, the Rutgers CMD Program Manager, said, “While being a successful entrepreneur is highly rewarding, starting and running a business can also be overwhelming, emotionally draining and financially risky. The difference between success and failure often lies in the ability to create a logical plan, mitigate risk, minimize mistakes, and build a strong support system.”

She added, “The Entrepreneurship course in the Rutgers Mini MBA program focuses on these key elements of business success. Taught by both Rutgers faculty and seasoned entrepreneurs, the coursework combines the theory of traditional MBA programs with the real-world entrepreneurial training needed to lead a business venture to success.”

The program fee is $4,995 and includes the new Apple iPad, containing the pre-loaded program materials, for each participant. There are also two new enrollment options for the Entrepreneurship program for enrollees from companies with 10 or fewer employees:

Secondary Enrollment—Bring a colleague or advisor to one module of your choosing for $300. (iPad not included.) You will need to show documentation that he or she is a colleague/advisor.

Piggyback Enrollment—Two people from the same company can attend, with the first paying the regular fee of $4,995 and the second paying only $2,800. The second enrollment does NOT include an iPad. You will need to show documentation that you are colleagues.

This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for those receiving unemployment benefits.

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