Atlantic Entrepreneurs Forum – Conference for French, American, and Canadian Entrepreneurs

Atlantic Entrepreneurs Forum will host a conference for French, American and Canadian entrepreneurs on November 14th and 15th. The conference will provide entrepreneurs access to a network of advisors, who are specialized in all stages of business development for entrepreneurs.

Atlantic Entrepreneur Forum (AEF) will share frank and practical advice gained through their own business challenges and successes. The AEF can help entrepreneurs nail down the idea, start up your business, find a market niche, and identify growth opportunities. The conference will offer a great opportunity to network with innovative entrepreneurs and a guidance to overcome your immediate business challenges.

The AEF supports both creation and development of high growth firms by delivering essential resources, education and networking opportunities to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

The AEF serves as a focal point in the entrepreneurial community organizing a forum where entrepreneurs, inventors and professional advisors can exchange ideas, advice and investment opportunities, by providing information, programming, resources and networking opportunities.

There will be a lot of tax and legal advisors and developers.
This is the ideal forum for any entrepreneur seeking information, help, ideas or feedback.
This is the place to go if you’re looking for a good opportunity to discuss on entrepreneurship or any advice for your business!!

The conference will be held on November 14th and 15th in Brooklyn, New York.

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SOURCE: Atlantic Entrepreneurs Forum