Arizona State University Named One of the Top University Incubators in the World

First global index recognizes ASU’s unique Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activities

ASU’s Venture Catalyst has been named one of the top university business incubators in the world, according to the University Business Incubator (UBI) Index for 2013. Based in Sweden, the UBI Index is the first-ever, comprehensive benchmark and assessment of the performance and best practices of University Business Incubators. Due in large part to its “New American University” approach to the decentralization, mass evangelization and teaching of entrepreneurship across all schools, programs of study and courses, UBI has ranked ASU as 18th on their list of the Top 25 Global University Incubators and 10th on their Top 10 list for the United States.

The UBI Index reviewed 550 university incubators around the world and performed a study of 150 university business incubators in 22 countries. Incubators were measured on a unique assessment framework with more than 50 performance indicators. The analysis of this assessment framework shows the value participating incubators create for their ecosystem and their clients, according to a press release from the UBI Index.

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“It is heartening to see that the huge level of innovation, entrepreneurship and spinout activities at ASU has been quantified on the global stage” said Gordon McConnell, Assistant Vice-President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ASU. “The innovative approach of faculty, staff and administration to offer wide-spread entrepreneurship teaching, coupled with the unique ability to implement cutting-edge programs that make a big impact in our entrepreneurial community, have led to this moment for us.”

The startup activities of the university, a large part of what was analyzed by the UBI report, are managed by the ASU Venture Catalyst which is based in the ASU SkySong facilities. The Venture Catalyst is a joint effort between the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED) and Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE), the technology transfer arm of ASU.

Innovations by ASU over the last twelve months have included the successful launch of AZ Furnace, the world’s first mass technology transfer Accelerator. ASU Venture Catalyst has also launched the Alexandria Coworking Network, the world’s first collaboration with public libraries to create coworking spaces, at its pilot location in Scottsdale.

“The strong and effective working relationship between the ASU Venture Catalyst and AzTE to commercialize technologies and launch new companies is one of the key success factors responsible for ASU being featured so prominently in this inaugural report,” said Charlie Lewis, Vice President of Venture Development for AzTE.

Created in 2003, Arizona Technology Enterprises has launched and assisted over 65 ASU spinout companies. These new ASU startups, and other companies that have licensed technologies developed at ASU, have raised more than $350 million in venture capital and private funding.

“ASU has many entrepreneurial successes, including our innovative programs, widespread entrepreneurship education, and the acceleration and accomplishments of our startup companies,” said Sethuraman (Panch) Panchanathan, senior vice president with ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development. “We are happy to be recognized at this level for our work toward driving economic development through the creation and support of startups.”

ASU Venture Catalyst assists university students, faculty and staff, as well as local and global companies, with launching startups or accelerating existing ventures.

About ASU Venture Catalyst
ASU Venture Catalyst equips high potential startups for success. The Catalyst, a joint effort between the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development and Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE), assists university students, faculty and staff, as well as local and global companies, with launching startups or accelerating existing ventures. Based at ASU SkySong, The Catalyst offers investor connections, technology road maps, go-to-market strategy consulting, mentoring opportunities, and several other programs and services, all designed to identify and develop investment-grade companies.

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About Arizona Technology Enterprises
Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) is the exclusive intellectual property management and technology transfer organization for Arizona State University. It works with faculty, investors and industry partners to speed the flow of innovation from research laboratory to the marketplace. AzTE was established in 2003 as an Arizona Limited Liability company with the ASU Foundation as its sole member.

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About the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
The Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development advances faculty and student research, economic development, and entrepreneurship at ASU, in Arizona, and beyond. The knowledge enterprise is a new model for a 21st century research university with a unique portfolio of interdisciplinary institutes and initiatives, corporate engagement programs, and support for the creation of new businesses. This fusion of people and ideas results in innovation-driven and use-inspired activity that allows ASU and its institutional, industry, and community partners to address society’s most pressing challenges while ensuring competitiveness in the global knowledge economy.

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SOURCE: ASU Venture Catalyst