DEMO Brasil – Finalist Startups at the National Event in Sao Paulo

The finalist startups of the first Latin American edition of DEMO Brasil have been announced and are ready to go at the World Trade Center business arena in Sao Paulo. This is the most important meeting of startups and investors on the Planet, which has taken place in Silicon Valley for the past 22 years.

After a six month long selection process that covered all of Brazil and other countries in Latin America, a total of 56 startups were selected, split between DEMONSTRATOR (those that already have a product and business model) and ALPHA PITCH (Ideas only). Finalists will be offered the opportunity to make a six-minute pitch to present their innovative products to an audience made up of angel investors, investment funds and major companies. The number of finalists is 20% larger than the numbers DEMO had expected for Brazil.

The selection criteria included market potential, business model, the team, the idea behind the product, competition, international scale and, above all, innovation.

“We are very satisfied with the number of applications and what we will be taking to Sao Paulo. We are certain that the participants of DEMO Brasil will be passionate entrepreneurs, with quality ideas and breakthrough business models” said Geraldo Santos, the Executive Producer and Partner of DEMO Brasil.

“We have reached our goal, our target was to create opportunities for entrepreneurs in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America. To achieve this our partnerships with accelerators, startup associations and entities, investors, technology parks and clusters and teaching and technology institutions across the country have been essential to ensure national coverage. The outcome shows that the market is expanding and that innovative ideas are everywhere. This is a unique moment in the market, and the start of a maturing and professionalization process” added Geraldo.

The winner in each group will have a place in the 2013 Summer Program and will spend 28 days in Silicon Valley, with all of the support required to develop and improve his/her business model, including interactions with Silicon Valley mentors and investors.

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SOURCE: Demo Brasil