Growth and Innovation Leadership Conference in Africa – New Innovative Methodology Where The Sky is the Limit

“Blue Sky Innovation” to be revealed at Frost & Sullivan’s Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) 2013 conference in Africa

Frost & Sullivan’s third annual Growth, Innovation & Leadership (GIL) event will see top CEOs and their management teams across the ICT, Energy, Healthcare and Public services sectors, gather to discover new methodologies and best practices for innovation and sustainability in Africa.

“To survive and thrive in the future business environment, both as an individual and as a company, innovation has now become an essential ingredient to success,” notes Frost & Sullivan’s Chairman, David Frigstad. “For individuals and companies operating in today’s challenging economic climate, innovation is key to developing a competitive edge and driving long term revenue growth.”

Companies have struggled over the past few decades, as they have worked to create a clearly defined and structured method of innovation, basing research on strong fact bases and guiding the ideas through a rigid stage gate process. This results in the culling of ideas in the white space of new market and new product, thereby blocking the development of new breakthrough innovations by the business.

“Blue Sky innovation is a methodology that complements the traditional innovation practice,” notes Frost & Sullivan’s Global Director for Growth Implementation Solutions, Mark Simoncelli. “This method introduces new aspects to the innovation process to incorporate varied information sources in a flexible, but structured, manner to nurture ideas into new and breakthrough innovations.”

At GIL 2013: Africa, Frost & Sullivan will explore why companies need to approach innovation differently, how to run Blue Sky ideation, and provide examples of how the Blue Sky innovation process differs from traditional innovation management.

Ludwick Marishane, a 22-year-old South African demonstrating visionary innovation and leadership, will be honoured with the Growth, Innovation, and Leadership 2013: Africa Award at this year’s event. This young and inspiring entrepreneur invented DryBath™, a proprietary blend of a biocide, bioflavonoids, and moisturisers yielding one’s ability to bathe without water. Today, DryBath™ aims to save the lives of millions of people globally affected by preventable diseases caused by poor hygiene and sanitation. Google has named him one of the 12 brightest young minds in the world and he is currently rated as best student entrepreneur in the world (Global Champion of the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards 2011).

GIL 2013: Africa
The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership
15 August 2013
The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

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