What are the key lessons to entrepreneurship?

Lesson Plans To Entrepreneurship

Our Lesson Plans To Entrepreneurship are practical, and the information comes directly from the “front-lines” of business battles. Our approach is aimed at creating knowledge, skills, and awareness in the critical aspects of funding, launching, and growing a new business venture and then leading it to a successful harvest.

The greatest challenge a new business venture faces is getting the right things done in the right order. Knowing what to do, and in what sequence, is critical, especially since the entrepreneur has very limited time and resources. Starting companies is much like launching a rocket: If at launch you’re just a fraction of a degree off, you could end up a thousand miles off course downrange.
– Creating Your Start-Up Strategy

Part I: Charting a Course in New Business Venturing Today
This section opens with a discussion on how the rules of entrepreneurship have changed, and it introduces entrepreneurial management practices and how the business plan guides you through uncertainty. It provides a historical background on entrepreneurship along with discussions of the high-tech revolution we experienced in the late 1990s, and it closes with a discussion on the risk capital industry.
– Discussions of Entrepreneurship
– Discussions of the High-Tech Revolution
– Discussions of Risk Capital

Part II: Creating and Engineering Your Vision
This section focuses on opportunity analysis, industry analysis, and crafting a winning business strategy based on a sustainable competitive advantage. It also presents guidelines on assembling a winning venture team and the importance of critical capital resources.
– New Business Venture Opportunity and Analysis
– Crafting a Winning Business Strategy and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
– Starting with the Right People and Organization
– Gathering and Allocating Critical Capital Resources

Part III: Launching and Getting Traction
This section presents market entry strategies, focuses on creating viable marketing and sales strategies, and introduces concepts on managing a rapidly growing venture. It closes with discussions on creating and managing the networked enterprise and going global.
– Creating Your Market Entry Strategy
– Creating Your Marketing and Sales Strategies
– Managing the Rapidly Growing Venture
– Creating and Managing the Networked Enterprise
– Creating the Global Business Strategy

Part IV: Reaching Escape Velocity
This section reviews winning strategies for financing the emerging growth venture, issues with valuation, and the financials required for investors. It provides the groundwork for creating an exit strategy.
– Financing the Emerging Growth Venture
– Creating Your Exit Strategy and Exit Goals

Part V: Getting Your Venture into Orbit
This section addresses how all the elements of the business are put together in a business plan. It also discusses presenting before investors and negotiating the best deal. The section closes with a discussion of deal killers and other practices used by entrepreneurs to sabotage an otherwise winning business plan.
– Putting It All Together and Getting Financed

SOURCE: Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success