Economic Bloggers Expect Weak Employment Growth

Only Half of Leading Economics Bloggers Expect Employment Growth in the Next Three Years

Respondents to Kauffman’s fourth-quarter survey nearly unanimous in view of economy as “mixed, facing recession or in recession.” Using words like “uncertain,” “fragile,” and “weak,” 96 percent of top economics bloggers now share a gloomy outlook on the U.S. economy. According to a new Kauffman Foundation survey released today, respondents’ expectations of higher annual deficits and top marginal tax rate increases, coupled with recession concerns, are a “depressing surprise.”

Top economics bloggers’ preferred policy option to stimulate the economy (selected from a small set of options) is to “remove restrictions on who can be ‘accredited’ investors to invest in startups, recently raised to $1 million net worth by the Dodd-Frank Act),” with 80 percent support. In addition, the bloggers expect global output to rise faster than anything else. A significant difference from the previous reports is that only about 50 percent of respondents anticipate employment growth in the United States.

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Source: Kauffman Foundation