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Posted by: Robert W. Price 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Key to the Global Economic Recovery

A White paper by Ernst & Young highlights the role of government in making economies “innovation-friendly”

Ernst & Young LLP released a report that highlights the vital importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in today’s economy. At a time when business leaders are struggling to balance short-term survival with long-term demand for growth, innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset is essential.

The new white paper, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The keys to global economic recovery, details the clear connection between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth. Drawing on academic research, leading business minds and real-world experience, the report shows how developing new products and services, revamping organizational processes or adopting fresh approaches to partnerships can enable companies to take advantage of the current economic climate.

“Entrepreneurship and innovation inherently thrive in downturns; in fact, some of the world’s largest companies were born during a recession,” said James S. Turley, Global Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young. “In times like these, it’s especially evident that entrepreneurial thinking isn’t optional. It’s more than a buzz word — it’s a business strategy.”
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Maintaining Entrepreneurial Spirit During A Recession

Ernst & Young chief Jim Turley talks with Senior Writer Diane Brady from BusinessWeek about the climate for entrepreneurialism and innovation, and how managers can encourage that spirit in their companies.
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