A Plan To Restore Venture-backed IPOs?

A Plan To Restore Venture-backed IPOs?

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), comprised of more than 450 member firms, is the premier trade association that represents the U.S. venture capital industry. NVCA’s mission is to foster greater understanding of the importance of venture capital to the U.S. economy, and support entrepreneurial activity and innovation. The NVCA represents the public policy interests of the venture capital community, strives to maintain high professional standards, provides reliable industry data, sponsors professional development, and facilitates interaction among its members.

The NVCA released a four-point plan to revive the slumped market for VC-backed IPOs. Two of the pillars are aimed at public authorities (tax incentives & SOX/RegD reform), while the other two are aimed at the private sector (ecosystem enhancements like helping form more boutique I-banks & creating new liquidity paths via secondary direct markets).

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