Do you need help with your nonprofit?

We Help Social Entrepreneurs Too!

Our goal is to help you “kick-start” your social cause initiative—without hiring an internal team of employees, or working with a group of expensive consultants on an expensive retainer. We can help you combine traditional business practices and management objectives with your nonprofit.

In fact, we offer a full range of Online Mentor Services to nonprofit organizations too. Areas of expertise include business planning, strategic planning, social cause marketing, utilizing technology, and board development.

Nonprofit boards have traditionally been closed to anyone without the “right” social contacts. There is a large need for nonprofits to recruit board members beyond their social network.

Our Online Mentor Service is like a “concierge service” that facilitates introductions between interested trustee candidates and nonprofit boards seeking new board members. We can help you establish specific objectives for your nonprofit, and help you connect with potential social investors. We can also help you connect with corporations interested in working with nonprofit organizations and social cause projects.

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– Are you a social entrepreneur and need to discuss and review your nonprofit project or business plan with an expert?
– Are you seeking a grant? We can help match you with the best social investor!
– Do you need help in completing your advisory board? We can provide suggestions for candidates!