We are the Think Tank for Global Entrepreneurship. Our Mission is to spread wealth creation around the world by encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge to those who educate and support entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, fired by their dreams and passions, have been the engine for creating new jobs, generating revenue, advancing innovation, enhancing productivity, and improving business models and processes. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of the free enterprise system around the world. In fact more than 500 million adults around the globe were engaged in some form of entrepreneurial activity.

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Online Member Forum
Valuable for entrepreneurs who don’t have the access to expensive educational programs and business advisors. Members have 24/7 online access to our interactive Member Forum to ask questions, share ideas, and make new connections with other Members and Mentors from all over the world.

Online Knowledge Exchange
Access to new research, information, reports that impact global entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can share press releases about their companies and educators can share information about their research projects and working papers.

Online Learning
Join the world’s first online global entrepreneurship program. Now it’s simple and easy to take online courses created and led by renowned experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Our program is open to every person on Earth.

Online Incubator
Working as a global business incubator we facilitate introductions to investors, professional service providers, and other entrepreneurs. Using our exclusive Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $100 million.

Special Offers
Occasionally we provide special offers and discounts to our Members. We inform our Members of these offers in our Member Forum and Member Newsletters.