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AngelList And CSC Upshot Raise $400 Million To Invest in Start-Ups


CSC Upshot, a new venture capital firm, has raised a $400 million fund to invest in start-ups on AngelList. This partnership creates the largest fund dedicated to seed-stage startups. CSC Upshot will primarily invest in syndicates led by angels and other venture capital firms on the AngelList site. It’s part of the CSC Group, one of China’s three largest private

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Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center – Opens in San Francisco to Deliver Educational and Mentorship Programs


The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center recently opened the doors to its 13,000 square-foot, ultra-modern facility in San Francisco’s South Financial District located at 505 Howard Street. Established by the Nasdaq Educational Foundation as a non-profit organization, the Center will serve as a central hub for entrepreneurs from all industries to learn to build and run successful businesses, and connect with an

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Stanford Business Insights – How to Handle Tough Questions During A Presentation


Anyone with a novel idea, from an entrepreneur to a product marketer, should know how to handle a suspicious audience. By nature, human beings are risk averse. People will go to great lengths to avoid potential negative outcomes — much greater lengths than they will go to attain potential positive ones. This orientation toward the status quo often compels us

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Silicon Valley Forum Conference – The FinTech Revolution: Banking on the Future


Silicon Valley Forum’s “The Fintech Revolution: Banking on the Future” conference is for anyone interested in the financial technology industry trends and engaging in meaningful interaction with banking executives, finance professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders ready to disrupt and transform the fintech ecosystem. SVForum’s “Banking on the Future” conference will bring together industry leaders and players to take

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How Confident Are Global Venture Capitalists? NVCA Deloitte Global Venture Capital Report (2015)


The Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey is an annual survey of venture capital, private equity and growth equity investors around the world. The survey covers: investor confidence in global investing, fund-raising, IPOs, and government policy; changing views on the global economy, from a couple of years ago to today and looking ahead; and sectors and sub-sectors that are prime for

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India Awakes – Documentary Profiles Entrepreneurs and Economic Development in India


India is coming alive and flourishing economically. In fact, Citigroup estimates that by 2050, it will have the world’s largest economy, larger than China and the United States. For many centuries, only the politically connected and elite prospered in India, while the rest of the population lived in poverty. However, since 1991, 250 million people have been lifted out of

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Intel Capital Will Invest More Than $600 Million in High Tech Entrepreneurs In 2015


Intel Capital, the world’s largest corporate venture organization, has invested $465 million in innovative technology startups across the globe through the first eight months of 2015. Intel Capital is the chip giant’s strategic investment and merger and acquisition (M&A) group. “This is shaping up to be one of our strongest years in recent memory,” said Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel

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How does economics connect to entrepreneurship?


Discussions of Why Economics Matters to Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship is seeing some great popularity at universities these days. The concept of entrepreneurship has been in our modern society for thousands of years and in the history of economic study. But we somehow delegate the subject and learning of economics to the academics and policy makers. Almost never are the two subjects

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