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Harvard Exhibit – Georges Doriot Pioneer of Modern Venture Capital


Georges Doriot, the Harvard Business School educator who played a pioneering role in the emergence of the postwar entrepreneurial economy, is the subject of a new exhibit and website at Harvard Business School. The charismatic professor taught business and leadership in his celebrated Manufacturing course to nearly 7,000 students. He realized his dream of establishing the first Master of Business

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What are the supporting documents for investors?

Before any credible private equity investor will write a check to an entrepreneur they will conduct a complete background checks and detailed examination of the Company’s legal status and other important documents. We have provided discussions here for entrepreneurs to know about these supporting documents, and what entrepreneurs need to know before they talk to any potential investors. Our discussions here come from in-depth interviews and

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Angel Capital Association – Raising Capital From Angel Investors Online Workshop

ACA Angel Insights Presents: Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Raising Capital from Angel Investors This exciting webinar features two top angel investors who will discuss the pitfalls and best practices around raising capital from professional angel investors. Whether you are raising money for the first time or have already got a few notches under your belt, this webinar will help

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US Federal Reserve Paper – Is Small Business Lending Valuable to Banks?

The consolidation of individual U.S. bank charters has resulted in both a shrinkage in the number of banks and an increase in their average size. A well-known concern is the effect on the availability of credit to small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) that, being too small to efficiently access national credit markets directly, rely on financial intermediaries, especially banks. A

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Tax Foundation Report – International Tax Competitiveness Index (2014)

Taxes are a crucial component of a country’s international competitiveness. In today’s globalized economy, the structure of a country’s tax code is an important factor for businesses when they decide where to invest. No longer can a country tax business investment and activity at a high rate without adversely affecting its economic performance. In recent years, many countries have recognized

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How To Negoitate a Better Deal – At the Deal Table with Entrepreneur and Investor

In his Negotiation and Deals courses at Harvard Business School, Kevin Mohan uses his VC experience to teach students that showing emotion, asking questions, and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses can be key to a successful agreement. “If you’re a seller and your price seems high, but it’s justified in some way, with market comparables or other information, it’s

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EY Global IPO Trends Report (Q2 2014)

Global IPO markets show strength and increased stability After a bumper start to the year with the strongest first quarter since 2011, global IPO activity continued to climb in the second quarter. Deal volume and proceeds reached the midpoint of the year at levels more than 60% higher than at the same time 12 months ago, with expectation of more

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Harvard Business School Study – Venture Capitalists and Collabration to Exits

The more affinity there is between two Venture Capitalists investing in a firm, the less likely the firm will succeed, according to research by Harvard Business School researchers Paul Gompers, Yuhai Xuan and Vladimir Mukharlyamov. In venture capital, friendship can be expensive. Using the VC industry as a testing ground, the authors seek to answer two questions about collaboration: What

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